Will RUNE Price Skyrocket to $50?


The year 2021 is a milestone year for several altcoins. Many altcoins skyrocketed due to a confluence of factors. One such coin making headlines in the market with its overall performance is THORchain.

The crypto space welcomes such coins which can adapt to the rapidly varying market conditions and grow. THORChain has shown such behaviour to adapt quickly to the market volatility carrying various services in its bag.

THORChain is built on Cosmos SDK, which keeps the network safe from possible hacks. RUNE is the native token of the platform. The network is not profit-oriented, fees generated by the protocol will be incentivized by simply holding RUNE.

Amazed by the benefits that THORChain offers to its token holders? Wondering if an investment in this currency will be the next good thing to do? Fortunately, you are now at the place that will answer your inquiries. By the end of this article, you might be one of them who will be benefiting from their long term investment at RUNE!


Price$7.71 on September 25th, 2021.
Market capitalization$1,731,747,453 on September 25th 2021.
All-Time High$20.31 May 18, 2021 
All Time Low$0.0145  July 28th, 2019
Circulating supply224,410,215.14 RUNE

What is THORChain?

THORChain is a decentralized cross-chain liquidity protocol. Which facilitates traders to exchange various cryptocurrency assets across a wide range of networks without losing full custody of their assets in the process.  Moreover, the network allows traders to swap crypto assets in a permissionless way, without the use of order books to source liquidity.

THORChain ecosystem has its own native token RUNE. The token is available across multiple blockchains, including Ethereum as an ERC-20 token and Binance chain as a BEP-20 token. Basically, THORChain is a Proof-Of-Stake blockchain, aimed to serve basically four important functions within the network ecosystem: Security, Governance, Rewards, and Liquidity. 

Network validators stake RUNE to ensure the security of the network. In the liquidity pools, every token is bonded to RUNE, which creates required liquidity to conduct swaps. Liquidity providers and validators can claim their rewards in the form of RUNE tokens. In addition to this, the THORChain platform allows the traders to govern their assets without any middleman and without extra charges.

Fundamental Analysis:

As per the reports THORChain has no founder, no CEO and no directors. The development measures will be taken care of by Gitlab. An official Twitter handle of THORChain stated that self-organised developers working through Gitlab, and better know what to build.

Initially, the THORChain platform was funded via an initial DEX offering (IDO) which launched with the Binance DEX in July 2019. Its mainnet was launched in January 2021, but a multi-chain upgrade is currently scheduled for 2021. 

The BiFrost Protocol (BFT) enables interoperability between chains. Interoperability acts as the basics of the ecosystem without which the entire ecosystem will fail. BFT confirms the trust and security of the platform and avoids double-spending and other malicious behaviour. THORChain solves blockchain scalability issues via the Yggdrasil protocol. Aesir protocol serves as the governance token, it ensures a cost-effective on-chain governance mechanism.

THORChain was previously planned on releasing their mainnet in 2020. They were able to introduce the beta for BEPSwap, retiring the prior RUNEVault app. Launching the mainnet is a major goal for 2021. The team is further planning to add more chains to BEPSwap, also introducing developer tools that allow validators to fill bridges to other chains when demanded to do so by the community.

Other plans for 2021 include creating a layer-2 scaling network called the flash network, which will then be connected to other lightning networks. The network plans to make use of the price feeds from its own liquidity pools to power this flash network.   

THORChain Price prediction 2021

The THORChain experienced a drastic rise from the beginning of this year. RUNE started trading at $1.366 and spiked by 400% reaching $4.66 by Mid-March. With huge price gains in the month of April price skyrocketed to ATH $20.31 on 18th May 2021.

As a result of the market collapse on May 19th, the price dropped at the same rate plunging back to $3.83 on 25th July. The RUNE price regained positive momentum in late July. With a continued uptrend.

With many updates underway, provided favourable market conditions the price could skyrocket to $18.4. If bears rule the market then the price could plunge below $4.2. With average buy and sell pressures price might trade around $9.257 by the year’s end.

RUNE Price Prediction 2022:

If this year closes on a high note, the 2022 RUNE trade might commence with price value being bullish at $18.4. But considering volatility troubles, if the price dips to minimums, it might lose momentum stepping into next year’s trade. So then, the RUNE price may resume 2022 at $4.2.

Though there are rumours spreading about creating layer 2 scaling upgrade being already into launch, the network officially quotes audits for the project. If the network’s own DEX gets launched and runs flawlessly by 2022, the price might smash a $25.2 mark. But, if an upgrade does not become a practical reality, with usual buying and selling pressures, the average price for RUNE would be $16.62.

In contrast, if PoW becomes a hot debating topic again among various Crypto celebrities, a possible market crash might happen next year. In such a case, we can expect the price to hit support levels at $10.56.

RUNE 5 Years Price Prediction:

RUNE is more of a community-driven network, which has put the bulls on cards for the altcoin. In the coming years, if it manages to maintain a similar technology, it can move at decent figures even though there is not much development poised. By the end of the next five years, RUNE might trade at $32.58 at the average front.

If the altcoin manages to keep up the hype, the world may see a better version of the technology and a friendly digital coin. And so, the RUNE price can flip to $42.52.

A major concern about the network is the liquidity, and if investors fail to keep up the levels it might even end up getting delisted from prominent exchanges. In such conditions, with FUD, the token price might knock over at $19.56.

What Does the Market Say?


As per wallet investor predictions, RUNE is forecasted to hit a maximum price of $12.773, minimum it would flip to $10.552. The token is expected to trade at an average price of $8.358. Walletinvestor anticipates THORChain to trade at an average price of $45.938. And maximum price expected is $32.200, minimum it would plunge back to $58.592 by 2025.


According to digitalcoinprice, the price of RUNE will not go down and will reach about $11.96 USD by the end of 2021. RUNE price may rally to $23.80 USD by 2025.


As per Gov.Capital predictions, RUNE is forecasted to hit a maximum price of $12.773, minimum it would flip to $8.358. The token is expected to trade at an average price of $10.552. Gov.Capital anticipates THORChain to trade at an average price of $45.938. And maximum price expected is $58.592, minimum it would plunge back to $32.200 by 2025.

Know Our RUNE Price Prediction:

THORChain has been performing with rapid bulls for quite some time with Joke currency fanfare. With the introduction of new technologies, RUNE price is expected to reach new highs. An increase in FOMO equals to increase in surge levels. According to Coinpedia’s formulated THORChain Price Prediction, if the above scenario arises, then RUNE might hit maximums and new ATH at $18.226 by the year-end.

Any new regulations from the country can stake the coin’s future. Also, if the social background for the coin disperses, then the price can entangle into a bearish hook, and might even fall at $3.64.

Year Potential High Potential Low 

How did RUNE Perform Previously?

2019 and 2020

Though the coin was found in 2019 and it never saw a considerable price rise and remained negligible until November 2020. After being listed by renowned exchanges, by December 2020, it reached its first price of about $1.0315and surged quickly to $2 by January 1st, 2021

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