Will BDX reach $1 by 2021?


The crypto market has reached a new high in recent years. New altcoins are being created each day. Some coins start good but end abruptly. 

Coins with a strong use case can weather the bear markets. One among them is Beldex. Beldex has maintained stable growth over years by building on the Beldex privacy blockchain.

Its main use case is to offer privacy to transactions, but now Beldex is extending its privacy features to decentralized applications and even other blockchains. Eager to know more about Beldex and its price prediction?

This article will guide you clearly about the Beldex project and price prediction for upcoming years. 


Price $0.109
Market cap$164,974,187
Current Circulating Supply1,401,321,217 BDX
Trading Volume$585,469
All time high$0.1716 on November 17, 2019
All time low$0.0144 on November 1, 2019

What is Beldex (BDX)?

Beldex is a privacy coin that works on the decentralized blockchain. Blockchain is an emerging technology all over the world because security and privacy are high on the blockchain.

It is designed based on the privacy of transactions, the private ecosystem, and true financial freedom. 

Beldex was launched in March 2018 by Affandy Bin Hushni. It is launched for secured and privacy transactions for users and increases the transaction speed too. 

Fundamental Analysis:

Beldex is a digital currency that works on the Beldex decentralized blockchain which supports decentralized applications. It is a secure and privacy blockchain for performing fast, efficient, secure, and anonymous peer-to-peer transactions.

Beldex has a PoW architecture and soon it is going to launch the PoS architecture. The block generation time will decrease and staking rewards will increase due to this upgrade.

PoS will increase the scalability of the BDX, transaction time will decrease, and even the transaction fee will also reduce.

Beldex is building the first privacy-based ecosystem of DApps. BChat, BelNet, and Beldex Browser are secure and privacy-based social applications for private messaging and browsing.

Here, no metadata will be collected or shared. The messages or traffic passes through the Beldex network in the encrypted form of data.

Beldex is also working towards cross-chain interoperability with privacy intact. It helps to interlink between two blockchains. So, people can use BDX on other blockchain platforms by swapping it for wBDX.

The coin ratio will maintain a 1:1 so it’s value won’t change. 

Now, let us see the future price of the BDX.

Beldex price prediction 2021:

Beldex has a current price of $0.1099. It goes through many ups and downs but still maintains a steady average price level.

The upcoming projects like PoS architecture, partnerships with masternode staking platforms, and the development of decentralized applications will take Beldex into the next stage. 

So, the current bull market and the upcoming developments will lead to an increase in price, and by the end of the year, BDX is expected to reach $1 without any doubt. 

Beldex price prediction 2022:

The price will go up to $3 in 2022 because of the strong foundation of the project. Even if the crypto market goes into a bear cycle, it won’t affect the Beldex price.

Because privacy issues on the internet are becoming the hottest topic at the present and Beldex is working to solve it with their DApps. So each upcoming project is carefully developed with maximal security and privacy.

The transaction speed of the BDX will be increased and a fee will be reduced by the PoS architecture. Thus, every technological change will catapult Beldex price. 

Beldex price prediction 2025:

Predicting the price for the future is always based on the impression left on the past. So when comparing from the past to the present, BDX maintains a strong and steady price from its launch.

Even when other coins go through market fluctuations, Beldex stands firm. So, due to these factors and a strong developmental roadmap, Beldex will be able to reach $5 in 2025.

Our Price prediction:

Beldex is a privacy-based coin, the coin will explode soon. Beldex concentrates on developing privacy-based decentralized applications, cross-chain interoperability, PoS architecture, and so on.

So the price may reach $1 by the end of the year 2021.

Even if it goes down, it will maintain at $0.2 and not less than that. 

Year Potential HighPotential Low

BDX Historic Price Sentiments:

BDX launched in March 2018 with an initial value of $0.01. Then the coin went into a bear phase in November 2019 at $0.014 and it started its bull phase even though there were fluctuations in the crypto market. It reached $0.17 in November 2019. 

Till now, it has had ups and downs but maintains an average price of around $0.9. The present value of 1 BDX is $0.1099.


Is it worth it to invest in Beldex?

Yes, the launch of PoS and decentralized applications will take the project into the next stage of development. So without any hesitation, people can invest in Beldex.

Where to trade Beldex?

Beldex can be traded on exchanges like Bilaxy, BTC-Alpha, STEX.

What makes Beldex a unique coin?

Beldex is considered a unique coin because of privacy, increased transaction speed, scalability, and stable growth.

Can I stake BDX?

Yes, you can stake BDX coins on a masternode platform. You can set up a dedicated masternode or else can go with shared masternode pools like Nodehub, Pecunia, MyCointainer, and Evonodes.

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