What Awaits for the Bitcoin, Ethereum & Cardano Price This Weekend?


Something May Happen With Bitcoin(BTC) Price

Bitcoin price in the past couple of days is undergoing a healthy accumulation phase as the price is trending within a narrow range. Moreover, during this phase, the BTC price is constantly forming lower lows which is the main area of concern. However, the price after dipping close to $44K, rebounded well and residing above $45K.

The trend of the price appears to have flowed towards the south, yet the RSI is raising to hit higher levels. And hence showcasing a strong tendency to pull a huge leg up in the coming days. The analyst, The Wolf Of All Streets, predicts a notable jump as well as in the RSI very soon.  

Ethereum Price Will Remain Bullish!

Similar to BTC price, ETH price also trending within a very narrow range showcasing a healthy accumulation. The asset was at the peak of an ascending triangle previously and a substantial breakout was looked at. But the price broke down close to $3160 from $3500 levels. And hence many thought the bears might have taken over. 

However, looking at the RSI, the price appears to be pretty bullish and hence a notable growth could be fast approaching during the weekend. While many presumed $3K levels could be in danger, analyst Simon Dedic stood in defense. AS per the analyst, as long as the ETH price is above $3000 then the asset is bullish. 

Cardano Price Could Hit $3 Before The Hard Fork

As the much-awaited Alonzo-Hard Fork event is on the edge, Cardano price has already initiated its reverse mode. The price in the past couple of hours has gained more than a 16% jump to trade above $2.7. It is also very close to its immediate resistance levels around $2.8081.

With the immense growing market sentiments surrounding the launch of smart contracts, the ADA price could be impacted at its best. According to an analyst, KALEO, the asset could regain its lost positions above $3 again even before the launch. And hence a substantial uptrend may lead the price close to $5 in the future. 

Collectively, the major 3 assets, Bitcoin price, Ethereum price and Cardano price are primed to have a greener weekend. However, the BTC & ETH are attempting hard to break the consolidation, yet the ADA has already jumped to its next resistance.

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