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In the cryptocurrency market, there has been a broad-based recovery. Most cryptocurrencies, including XRP, Cardano, Polkadot, Dogecoin, Chainlink, and Litecoin, remained bullish with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Micheal van de Poppe, a well-known crypto analyst and trader, has identified the top five cryptocurrencies to watch in October. 

Van de Poppe informs his 130,000 YouTube subscribers in a new strategy session that he’s keeping a watch on decentralised oracle network Chainlink in its Bitcoin pair (LINK/BTC). LINK/BTC is now in an uptrend, according to Van de Poppe, and is on the verge of a 40% increase from its current value of 0.00057 BTC, or $25.22.

According to him, once we hold this higher low (0.000528 BTC or $23.36) and start crawling back up, this resistance (0.00066 BTC or $29.20) must be broken… The first real target zone after we break through it is the area around 0.0008 BTC ($35.39).

Curve Fiance

Curve, the governance token of the decentralised exchange Curve Finance, comes next . According to Van de Poppe, the CRV/BTC pair is set to move 44 percent from its current trading price of 0.000059 BTC ($2.55).

Curve has also been seeing this great retest here (0.000049 BTC or $2.17), a beautiful structure in which we’ll most likely see continuation toward the resistance here (0.000085 BTC or $3.76).


SKALE, an elastic blockchain network, is another coin on the trader’s list. SKALE (SKL/BTC), according to the crypto trader, is poised for a run-up against Bitcoin (SKL/BTC) in the coming month. 

He said that getting ready for another run toward the peak (0.00001 BTC or $0.44), which will most likely happen in October.


The Graph, a blockchain data indexing and organisation tool, is also on the list of traders. The Graph is one barrier away from igniting a 100 percent rally against Bitcoin (GRT/BTC), according to Van de Poppe.

“[The] area to break is the area around 0.0000185 BTC ($0.82). If that one breaks, the entire structure breaks, and we most likely are going to print a new higher high around the area of 0.00003 BTC ($1.33).”


Finally, Van de Poppe claims THORChain, a decentralised exchange technology, is being monitored against Bitcoin (RUNE/BTC). RUNE/BTC is expected to consolidate before initiating a 100 percent increase from its current price of 0.00016 BTC ($7.04), according to Van de Poppe. 

He is anticipating that we’ll allow for some minor consolidation, a higher low, and then we’ll resume our downward trend. In addition, the tendency has shifted here, with greater highs and lower lows.

So, if we keep moving, we’ll have to take out this higher high (0.00024 BTC or $10.62). Then I’ll aim for targets in the range of 0.00031 BTC ($13.72) to 0.00034 BTC ($15.04).

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