The NFT Magazine: Skygolpe on the eighth cover


The NFT Magazine, a project created by The Cryptonomist and ArtRights, is now in its eighth issue.

The magazine will be on sale on OpenSea in public sale from 2 June, at a cost of 0.05 ETH with a work by Italian artist Skygolpe on the cover.

The private sale will be made available on Thenftmag, the project’s official website, from 28 May 2022.

It is worth noting that all previous issues of The NFT Magazine have sold out and totalled more than 100 ETH, which is why the collection on OpenSea has also been verified a few weeks ago.

The eighth issue with a work on the cover of the Italian artist Skygolpe

Skygolpe on the eighth issue of NFT Magazine

The topic of this seventh issue is on the archaeology of NFTs, i.e. all those projects that we can define as forerunners of this technology, from 2014 until 2017, including CryptoKitties.

The artwork on the cover was created by the Italian artist Skygolpe. Specifically, it is his “Solar Cage”, originally sold on SuperRare for 23 ETH (almost 80 thousand dollars). In total, for all his works, Skygolpe has sold for over 5 million dollars on the various platforms.

NFT Magazine aims to democratize art by allowing everyone to buy works by famous artists at an affordable price.

Whoever owns the various copies of NFT Magazine also obtains benefits such as the NFTM token, the whitelist for various projects with which the team collaborates, events and much more, as well as the possibility to read the magazine itself.

The Readers Club was created as an aggregator for the holders of The NFT Magazine to exchange opinions and also suggest topics and artists to be included in the magazine.

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