The founder of OnlyFans launches Zoop


OnlyFans founder Tim Stokely is launching Zoop, the Polygon-based platform on which new celebrity trading cards can be minted and sold on the secondary market. 

Founder of OnlyFans and the launch of Zoop for new 3D cards

Tim Stokely, founder of OnlyFans, will launch Zoop, the Polygon-based platform to mint new celebrity trading cards. 

“Zoop is pleased to announce that OnlyFans founder @timstokely will join @rjphil1 as Co-CEO of Zoop this summer, in time for our launch.”

Basically, on Zoop, fans will be able to buy limited-edition, officially licensed 3D digital playing cards and sell and trade them on a secondary market. 

They will also be able to participate in contests and challenges to earn points, unlocking special rewards such as access to VIP communities and exclusive airdrops.

OnlyFans with Zoop chooses Polygon network sustainability

zoop marketplace
The new marketplace where you can collect celebrity cards

Zoop’s new platform is based on the zero-emission Polygon network to mint digital artworks, making them fully sustainable.

“We are excited to officially announce our partnership with @0xPolygon! The high-security standards, low transaction fees, and fast asset transfer times are what makes Polygon the ideal blockchain partner for us, and we look forward to building our platform and partnership.”

Zoop’s platform allows users to buy, sell, collect and trade 3D digital playing cards of their favorite celebrities.

In this regard, Michael Blank, COO of Polygon Studios, said:

“We are pleased to partner with the Zoop team in the development of their platform on Polygon. Zoop is in line with our mission to bring Web3 technologies to a much wider audience, and allowing fans to connect with their favorite celebrities through Polygon is another step toward that goal.”

The fund to support Terra ecosystem projects

Polygon is also one of the blockchains trying to support projects that will have to migrate from Terra’s now-defunct blockchain. 

Recently, Polygon CEO Ryan Watt announced the launch of a multimillion-dollar fund for all such former Terra projects that will choose the Polygon ecosystem as their “lifeline.” 

Not only Polygon but BNB Chain also launched a $1 billion fund for investment and grants to projects that intend to find support on CZ’s network.

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