Huobi Group Secures Licenses From Dubai And New Zealand, Marking Major Milestones for Compliant Growth

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Huobi Group, one of the world’s leading financial services provider specializing in cryptocurrency and its related products, on Friday obtained both a DIFC Innovation License in Dubai and registration on New Zealand’s Financial Services Provider Register. Both of these developments represent significant milestones in the group’s compliant growth. 

The DIFC Innovation License is a license for innovative technology companies in Dubai and provides benefits such as access to a thriving tech ecosystem and preferential treatment for technology research and developments, capital repatriation, and taxes. 

The registration on New Zealand’s Financial Services Provider Register (FSPR) represents Huobi Group’s first step towards expanding its cryptocurrency trading business in the country, as all exchanges have to register on the platform before offering services to local users. With the registration, Huobi Group will be able to operate a regulated foreign currency exchange and money or value transfer services in New Zealand, which supports crypto OTC trading services.

“Huobi attaches great importance toward regulation and compliance globally, and the two new licenses not only mark the major milestones for our global expansion but also reflect our determination to provide safe, regulated and professional services to more users,said Lily Zhang, SVP and CFO of Huobi Group.

As one of the earliest cryptocurrency exchanges to offer cryptocurrency trading services worldwide, Huobi Group has been working towards compliant growth since 2017. As of today, Huobi Group has obtained licenses for various cryptocurrency-related services amongst in a number of different countries and regions, including South Korea, Japan, Gibraltar, and others.

“Meeting the compliance requirements and regulations is the foundation of our business. Only under this premise can we grow alongside the industry to meet the real needs of users, and this will continue to be our top priority for our global expansion efforts,” Zhang added.

About Huobi Group

Founded in 2013, Huobi Group is one of the world’s leading financial services provider specializing in cryptocurrency and its related products, with tens of millions of users across five continents and 160 different countries. We are dedicated to empowering financial freedom and creating new global wealth, having led the cryptocurrency industry in spot, derivatives, and Bitcoin transactions for many years. Our infrastructure, operations and offerings are built on processes and standards that prioritize user safety and industry compliance, backed by strong global customer support underpinned by local expertise. This lets us offer a unique trading environment that is truly customer-first, safe and sustainable for all users, enabling their long-term success. 

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