Here Is Where Bitcoin Price Will Hit In The Next Six Months, Per Analyst


A well-known crypto analyst is revealing what he believes is Bitcoin’s (BTC) most likely future in the next few months.

Kaleo, a pseudonymous analyst, informs his 512,500 Followers on Twitter that he expects Bitcoin’s support of roughly $28,000 will hold until September. This will happen when Bitcoin will be broken and the price will fall all the way to $20,000.

Kaleo asserts that he is a simple modest man whose ambitions are simple too….. Yet he expects anything like this to happen in the next six to nine months

Optimistic On Bitcoin

Even though the crypto researcher is bearish on Bitcoin in the short term, he feels it is due for a rally within the near future.

He goes on to comment that “It won’t be just as vertical as the blue lines above or the arrow below, but I don’t think it’ll be too far off.” Again, I’m not betting on a turnaround that leads to a new bullish trend. I’m looking at this as an optimistic range swing.”

The crypto expert is also revealing his projected BTC recovery rally targets.

While talking about Bitcoin, the strategist quotes”The first level to keep an eye on is a revisit of the lower high timeframe diagonal [resistance] at roughly $36,000. I foresee some resistance there, and I’m looking for a push to the higher diagonal [resistance] in the upper $30,000/low $40,000 range, effectively wiping the negative LUNA price action (for the time being).”

At the time of reporting, Bitcoin is changing hands at $30,262 with a down of 0.96% in the last 24hrs.

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