Bitcoin Price To Hit $450K & Ethereum Price Aims At $17K, But In 2021?


Most of the cryptocurrencies since the beginning of 2021 showcased a marvellous rally by achieving heights beyond everyone’s expectations. Yet they failed to stand on one’s aspiration as the mid-may crash drained more than 60% gains. However, without being dejected, the assets registered nearly 15% to 20% jump and many more yet to come. 

As the Bitcoin price currently is swirling towards $41,000 after smashing $40,000 in the early trading hours. On the other hand, Ethereum price also was just an inch close to clinch $3000, yet heading strongly despite a slight pullback. Therefore considering the flip in the market trends, a popular analyst rolls out extremely bullish predictions. 

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Micheal de van Poppe, predicts BTC price to hit above $350K and ETH price above $10K, but not anytime in 2021. The analyst foresees these prices somewhere in 2022 or 2023. Along with these he also mentioned other altcoins like Cardano, Chainlink, Elrond, Polkadot, DIA and Zilliqa. As the set targets are pretty huge, hopefully, these ATH could be achieved by the mentioned time frame. 

Collectively, each platform is working hard with their respective upgrades like ETH 2.0, ADA smart contracts, BTC ETF’s, etc. And hence a mass adoption and attention could really fuel the price rally in the coming days. Therefore, by the end of 2021, the bitcoin price, ethereum price, Cardano price, etc could eventually reach their current ATH. And continue to propel high in the next year’s trade in order to achieve the set target. 

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